Keyword Research Services

Keyword research services help Internet marketers, and website owners understand which keywords to use for their products and services. There are many different types of keyword research services, including SEO-based and non-SEO.

Keyword research is integral to search engine optimization (SEO) and the practice of website promotion. An agency like us here at Promo Fuzz, can provide you with keyword research services that look at the most popular queries in your sector.

This article will look at what keyword research services an agency can provide you with and how they may exceed what is possible with research tools. Additionally, we’ll look at how ideal keyword research can transform your SEO strategy.

SEO-Based and Non-SEO Keyword Research Services

There are numerous types of keyword research services available; some can be completed in-house, while others require outside help. Here we’ll discuss two common types: SEO-based and non-SEO.

An example of an SEO-based term is “keyword density,” which has to do with how many times a term appears on a webpage when compared to the total number of words. For example, if a webpage contains 100 words and the term appears 20 times (“keyword density” appears 20 times), that’s a 20% density. The higher the percentage, the better; however, there are also search engines that penalize overuse. So make sure to be careful and have a good ratio of keywords in your articles/web pages.

Non-SEO Services

Non-SEO research usually entails consulting services such as LexisNexis or Factiva to investigate public records like SEC filings and trademark applications for brand names but thats not what we will look at today. Another type of non-SEO keyword services are based on online behavior — we might use Google Trends or Yahoo! Search Analytics to find out what people are searching and the relative volume and popularity of those searches.

Why Do I Need Keyword Research Services?

It’s possible to generate keywords using DIY methods, but it would be time-consuming and complicated, not to mention that manual methods aren’t always accurate. So if you’re paying someone else for their expertise, what are they doing for you besides finding keywords?

Keyword research services from an agency such as us here at Promo Fuzz provide you with many benefits, like expertise and a monthly detailed keyword performance analysis.

Some of the most significant benefits of utilizing an agency like Promo Fuzz for keyword research include:

  • Expertise: We know the best methods and resources to use. If you spend time figuring this out on your own, it will take you much longer than if you simply let the experts do it for you. Though if you keep looking around on our site we can help you with basic tips to help your business for FREE!
  • Historical data: A keyword research service can give you insight into search trends over time so that you can avoid being misled by a particular term’s popularity at any given point in time.
  • Detailed analyses/reporting: The competition for keywords is growing stronger every day; analysts have gained insights into specific sub-niches of your industry that are driving traffic their way.
  • Timely reporting: It’s not always easy to keep on top of everything that’s new in your industry, especially if it’s changing daily. Many keyword research services will offer regular reports with information on specific keywords or phrases that are increasing in popularity or declining at a rapid rate.
  • Better performance: If you use the same keywords as your competitors, you’ll ultimately get the same results they do. You can’t expect to rank well if all your efforts are statistically indistinguishable from your competition. You need to have original content in the same time as you are targeting good keywords for your business.


Keyword research services help give you the competitive edge necessary to rank well in search engines. If you’re interested in improving your website today, contact an agency like us here at PromoFuzz. You’ll be provided with the most up-to-date and relevant information that will enhance your SEO strategy.