What is Google Ads?

Google Ads has been a vital component in the marketing efforts of many small businesses. Google ads can be either text or images, and the advertiser will pay google based on what ad is clicked. The more times an ad appears for a particular keyword search, the higher it will appear in Google’s listings of that word combo and its competition.

Google Adsense is one of Google’s advertising service. It is a form of internet marketing that allows companies to promote their business online by showing them in front of people who might want their services in the form of ads and banners.

Hiring an agency with Google Ads experience can boost your business and website traffic to a new level. Read on to discover what Google Ads is and how it can work for your business.

How Does Google Ads Work?

The current pricing structure of Google Ads is Cost Per Impression or CPM, also known as PPE (performance pay). In 2002, Google transitioned its system from the traditional pay-per-click model to this newer and more affordable approach that allows marketers to buy advertising space based on how often they want their message seen by customers rather than whether someone clicks on it.

Google Ads works with campaigns. Campaigns are set up with either an impression goal or a click goal, and once you’re ready, Google will charge you a fixed rate for every thousand times your ad is shown. If you’re a publisher you can also make money through google ads, showing businesses ads and banners on your blog or page you can make money every time someone visits your website and sees/clicks the banners shown by google AdSense. But let’s not focus too much on this as this article is about Google Ads and how you can market your business through these Ads.

With Google Ads:

  • Advertisers can now purchase ad space based on how much they want their message seen by users.
  • Campaigns are set up with either an impression goal or a click goal.
  • A fixed price will be charged for every thousand times your ad appears within search engine results.

Google’s algorithms determine which ad is shown for each person based on what they type into the search box, explore while browsing around the internet, and ultimately purchase after following an advertisement from one of their partners.

How Does Google Ads Management Work?

Google Ads Management offers many features to streamline the process of building an advertising campaign. The Conversion Tracking Report is one way for business owners to see which keywords are driving conversions on their website to optimize their campaigns.

Google Ads Management is a suite of tools that help businesses manage advertising campaigns across Google’s search and display ad platforms. Advertisers can monitor, edit, and pause their ads in Adsense.

In addition, the Google Ads Management platform provides several options for making adjustments to your advertising strategy, including what language audiences are seeing and which devices they’re accessing. For example, you can run different ads on mobile versus desktop computers or customize the content people see in certain countries.

What Are The Benefits of Using an Agency?

An agency or consultant is an expert in google ads, so they know all of the ins and outs to get you better visibility online with google ads, including location targeting for remarketing campaigns. PromoFuzz’s expertise, results in an increased conversion rate because Google expects their partners to be specialists who have proven themselves experts within Google’s ecosystem over time (instead of just having read some books). 

The benefits that come with agencies include:

  • They can help you generate more revenue by negotiating the best prices for your keywords.
  • The Adwords consultant will also advise on bid strategy. This ensures they are always running at optimum efficiency, which means higher ROI.

They can also help you with Google’s analytics, an essential tool in understanding your audience and better serving them ads that they are more likely to click on. You will have less work because Promo Fuzz takes care of all of this for you, and you won’t need any prior education on Google Adwords.


Google Ads is a form of marketing that allows small businesses to promote themselves online. With the service, advertisers can highlight their products and services in front of people interested in them. It’s important to remember that there will always be some risks with any type of advertising, but Google Ads has been successful for many companies by helping them grow their customer base.